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Check out the upcoming events at SSCAV

Check out the upcoming projects at SSCAV

South Sudanese Community
Association of Victoria Inc.

Our mission is to unite our community and work together for each other’s
development and progress. United we can thrive and make collective ‘
contributions to help solve our problems.

We also stand to help service providers, government and local
government departments understand the issues weface, the cultural
differences and ease their work dealing with South Sudanese Australians.
We act as a conduit for deterrence for any unwelcomed social issues with
underlying social or security consequences by keeping our community
members at bay.

Upcoming Projects

Check out our upcoming projects with the South Sudanse Community Association of Victoria

South Sudanese Positive Parenting Program

The main aims and objectives of this program are to provide positive parenting programs within South Sudanese community to alleviate some of the parenting and youth challenges…