About Us

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

South Sudanese Community Association is a not-for- profit organisation incorporated in Victoria. The Association aims to promote the general wellbeing and advancement of South Sudanese members within the state of Victoria. The Association plays an active role in assisting with positive integration and establishment of South Sudanese family and youth through helping them with ongoing welfare, general settlement, integration needs, advocacy and employment supports.

Our Mission

Create a platform of bringing together all South Sudanese members across Victoria and empower them through involving them in the local and wider community activities, including cultural, service delivery and partnership.

Our Vision

Promote social, cultural, educational, and other mutual benefits between the wider Australian and South Sudanese in Victoria.

Why Us?

We acknowledge there are many South Sudanese members who have not registered with our community association. However, many of these community members still owe their allegiance to our community association.
South Sudan is a diverse country with over 64 ethnic tribes. We represent multiculturalism in its finest and from this diversity come some complexities and challenges.

1,000 plus members

We have over 1800 registered members. We have an executive committee of 19 members headed by Chairman, Kot Monoah, who is an Australian Lawyer with a firm belief for  social justice. Our community association was formed with the great work of Diaspora Action Australia and South Sudanese Unification Committee headed by 2 important clergies namely Father Chaplin Soma and Deacon George Meat following the elders retreat above.

Our first elected Chairperson

Kot Monoah was born in South Sudan and his family was forced to flee a civil war when he was four years old. After 12 years living in the Kenyan Outback Refugee Camp of Kakuma  Kot’s mother and her children were granted a humanitarian visa that allowed them to move to Australia. Kot embraced the opportunities available to him: learning English in the refugee camps; arriving in Australia in 2004 at the age of 21 years and graduating as a lawyer in 2010. Through his experiences as a Slater and Gordon lawyer based in Sunshine, as a Victoria Police Community Liaison Officer, and as an active member and former coach of the Sunshine Heights Western Tigers Football Club, helping Sudanese youth to acclimatise to their new country, Kot has emerged as a leader and spokesperson for the South Sudanese community.

He was elected as the chairman of the South Sudanese Community Association in Victoria in 2015. Kot is passionate about supporting and assisting the Sudanese community and increasing the community’s understanding of Sudanese people and of the refugee experience.