Empower South Sudanese Youth Wellbeing Project

The South Sudanese community association of Victoria has received funding from Victorian State Government through Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS) to assist young people in Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

Empower South Sudanese youth program will build relationships and capacity in young people of the Victorian South Sudanese community who are at risk interacting with the justice system.

South Sudanese Positive Parenting program

The main aims and objectives of this program are to provide positive parenting programs within South Sudanese community to alleviate some of the parenting and youth challenges. There are needs for mutual support as a coping strategy for meeting these challenges; there is a conversation to be had around the integration of South Sudanese traditional parenting practices and Australian parenting practices. Creating equilibrium between old South Sudanese and new Australian parenting practices may strengthen effective integration.

South Sudanese parents spoke of bringing these practices and cultures together to deepen their integration, but also of needing support to preserve aspects of their original culture. Most maintain that parenting training or workshops about the relevant policies or laws of their new country would improve the integration process.


We the members of the South Sudanese Community Association in Victoria, who
believe in a unified and peaceful community that promotes mutual respect for our
diversity, building trust and supporting resettlement initiative, do reaffirm our strong commitment to endorse this constitution for the South Sudanese community in Victoria.